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The Problem With Your Hand

Hand problems like pain and numbness cause daily frustration and disruption for many people. Pain or numbness will wake you up at night, interfere with work and hobbies and make even the simplest tasks, like opening a jar or buttoning a shirt, challenging.

I have been fortunate to spend the past two decades helping tens of thousands of people identify, overcome, and prevent hand problems, and there's something I discovered along the way. By ignoring hand pain and numbness, you are causing problems without knowing it.

That's right, people show up every day to my clinic with problems caused by waiting too long to get help.

What Happens When You Don't Get Help

When you ignore hand pain or numbness, you cause three main problems:

  • Problems become more difficult to treat - taking you longer to get better and sometimes your condition won't improve.

  • Your chances of needing surgery increase when you avoid getting help - costing you thousands of dollars and time off from work.

  • You increase your risk of permanent nerve damage when you ignore numbness and tingling - sometimes even surgery won't fix it.

It frustrates and saddens me when I see someone come to the clinic after ignoring their hand pain or numbness and now surgery is the only answer.

While I love performing surgery, I know it is something they could have avoided if they had just taken action to get help sooner.

What Hand Problems Mean For You

When hand pain or numbness interfere with your life, it affects you in many ways.

Your ability to earn a living is negatively impacted when hand pain or numbness interferes with your ability to work or the quality of your work suffers.

You can't enjoy favorite hobbies and activities when your hands are numb or hurting. This makes life less fun.

Your sleep is disrupted when numb or painful hands wake you at night. Impaired sleep has far reaching consequences on nearly every aspect of your life.

Even simple daily activities, household tasks, opening jars, buttoning clothes can be difficult with numb or painful hands, causing more frustration and stress.

Most importantly, suffering with hand pain and numbness robs you of joy and wastes your time. Time is the one non-renewable resource and you don't need to spend another minute missing out on doing the things you love with the people you love.

It's Not Just You - Why We All Wait Too Long

Hand problems generally occur slowly over time, so most people adjust to the disruption, simply putting up with the frustration because there never seems to be a good time to get help. Who has time to wait days or weeks for an appointment, take a half-day off from work, and then sit for hours in an office when you can still get through the day...so you keep going, not being at your best.

I know how you feel; it's a natural instinct to push on if your hand "isn't falling off." Research shows the average medical office visit lasts 2 hours. Plus, you will likely forget between 40% and 80% of what is communicated during that visit. No thanks, you say, I will figure it out alone.

Not surprisingly, the medical office visit is one of the worst consumer experiences we endure, and when it comes to most hand problems, it just doesn't seem like a good use of your time. I get it....and I agree.

HandGuyMD Has The Help You Need

HandGuyMD will help you avoid making the same mistake many people who show up in my clinic have made.

You can get expert help for your hands before the problem becomes more challenging or requires surgery.

By taking action early, you will save time, money, and stress getting relief from hand pain or numbness.

Stop wasting hours scouring the internet and asking "Dr. Google," wondering if what you are reading is written by an expert or just an AI-generated book report, and avoid wasting time or money on gimmicks promoted as the one "cure" or unnecessary office/therapy visits treating the wrong problem.

Don't wait. Get expert help today.

With HandGuyMD, you will:

  • Get the right information so you can start getting relief today

  • ​Have access to expert information used for two decades to help tens of thousand of people get relief - so you know it works

  • Learn what helps based on solid scientific evidence and practical real-world experience - so you won't get fooled by slick ads or websites

  • ​Get help immediately, when and where it is convenient for you

  • ​​Save hundreds or thousands of dollars treating problems before they get worse

  • ​​Save time by focusing on what matters and the right conditions

  • ​​Avoid unnecessary office or therapy visits

Hi, I'm Dr. Wren

I help people like you live a life free of hand pain or numbness so you can do what you love with those you love.

The Healthy Hands framework will help you get relief in less time, for less money, and with less stress.

I can't wait to hear how HandGuyMD has helped you!

Take care,

Dr. Wren

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